Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Year 10 - war time line & lincoln time line with photo & doc links
The Civil War and Reconstruction primary sources and activities
Library of Congress primary sources and classroom resources including audio files
The Alfred Whital Stern Collection of Lincolniana Lincoln and Civil War primary sources (Library of Congress collection)
PBS - The Civil War Well known Ken Burns doco, great useful site: teachers resources, images, clips from the film
Ken Burns Civil War Intro from the PBS doco (7.5min), the full episode one is available here (1.5hours)
The American Civil War - Teachertube short video (7min)
Animated history of US states. 10 minutes. good to use for introduction to US studies.
Prelude to the Civil War - Teacher tube video (4.5 min)
The Civil War: Causes and Battles You tube video (10min)
War Between States Youtube video (7.5min) good summary of all the battles. Animation with a few photos.
Lincoln's Proclamation short clip from a National Geographic doco - from Youtube (3min)
The Valley of the Shadow - extensive database of primary sources from before, during and after the War, from two communities (one North, one South)

Year 11
Modern History Sourcebook, US Civil War - primary sources and other resources
The Liberator Files - William Lloyd Garrison

Year 12